Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer 2015

Compulsion Rites is proud to announce some new releases:

 Plague Mother "Dying, Midwestern"c30+c20+zine - the follow up to last year's full-length, "In Memory. In Skin. In Bone." is at the same time a love letter, a death threat, a birth announcement, and a eulogy to the literal and metaphorical landscape which Roman J Leyva is rooted in - specifically that of the No Coast. What becomes of oneself when you accept not only the permanence of your own being, but of your environment? Does the ice simply freeze the earth? Does the rust merely erode the steel?  Over 50 minutes of dynamic and personal heavy electronics comes couples with a zine of collage work and writings both new and selected from Leyva's previous lyrical and zine works in an Edition of 100, with a Special Edition of 35. Special Edition includes a poster, patch, and a CDr featuring nearly an hour of remixes and reinterpretations by Developer, Shredded Nerve, Skin Graft, Collapsed Arc, Scant, Swallowing Bile. Glacial23, Murderous Vision, and Xterminal. $15 U.S. Ppd / $20 WORLD ppd Special Edition: $25 U.S. Ppd / $30 WORLD ppd

V. Sinclair "The Bell Tower" c20 - With only a handful of releases, Sinclair has established a powerful presence in the North American noise landscape. His signature unique blending of elements of harsh noise, ambient, and musique concrete with masterful helming of field recordings, synth, and tape are employed to compose yet another stunning, moving release. Edition of 50. $6 U.S. Ppd / $9 WORLD ppd

Sunken Cheek "Earth Of No Consequence" c30 - Western NY is easily a nascent heavy hitter in the North American noise scene. Sunken Cheek is a hidden gem within a hidden gem in this regard. Two dynamic and simultaneously claustrophobic side-long pieces that embody the kind of disconnected, obscured, and alienated existence found there. Edition of 50. $6 U.S. Ppd / $9 WORLD ppd

Hostage Pageant / Plague Mother "Subterranean Values" split c20 - Hostage Pageant needs no introduction at this point. Shane Church is by far and large one of the leaders of the vanguard of the new North American heavy electronics movement and the track on this release serves as a reminder of that fact with stern authority. Plague Mother provides reinforcement on the B side with more frenetic and feverish waves of anxiety. Edition of 50. $6 U.S. Ppd / $9 WORLD ppd

Batch deal:
All releases (regular edition of double cassette) $28 US $35 WORLD
All releases (special edition of double cassette) $35 US $45 WORLD