Saturday, July 19, 2014


 We are in the midst of the forever nights of summer. Compulsion Rites is proud to present to you:

Dead Body Collection “I Have No Regrets For A Woman Scorned” c80 - Dr. Alex needs no introduction. The caustic and frigid walls of Dead Body Collection have cemented the project’s place in history, and he continues the funeral march with this release of solid, unrelenting aural punishment in an enjoyable yet strenuous listen. Inserts printed on red card stock. Edition of 50.


Winter Ritual/Plague Mother split c30 - On the heels of acclaimed releases by each artist on the cult label Beyond The Ruins, both projects on this split bring their unique and gripping approach to the realm of heavy electronics. Winter Ritual takes a more focused, brooding approach over three movements - you don’t notice the air being taken from your lungs until the very end. Plague Mother never gives the listener the air to begin with, providing two pieces  of panic and paranoia.


Magia Nuda single-sided c30 - Chicago is a hotbed for filthy noise and power electronics, which makes sense given the city is a warzone in every other aspect and is home to the immortal BLOODYMINDED. Magia Nuda joins the ranks of Deterge and Machismo in a new wave following those legendary footsteps with an onslaught with vicious analog electronics and vitriolic mic work that provides a perfect soundtrack to the slow decay of the no-coast. Full color insert. Edition of 50.


Retch “Obsessive Viewer/Obsessive Participant” c30 - Retch is a collaborative harsh noise project consisting of Roman J (Plague Mother, Mailbomb Solution, etc.) and visual artist, model, and force behind Gut Rot, Sarah Barker. With Retch, these two delve deep into their shared interest in the psychology of serial criminals. Side A is the frantic build-up of excitement the voyeur experiences. Side B is restraint and release as the voyeur crosses the thin veil of his darkest fantasy. Edition of 50.


Plague Mother “A Shroud In Summer” c10 - The heat makes fools of us all. It disorients even the most resilient of us. Summer compels us into desperation. A return to the most base sonic explorations with 5 minutes of scrap metal abuse and heavy electronics. Nothing is quiet about these nights. Edition 20 copies.  DO NOT ORDER HERE. THIS ITEM WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY THROUGH ANALOG WORSHIP SHORTLY. A LIMITED NUMBER OF COPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PERSON AT SUMMER SCUM FROM THE ARTIST.  


Single tapes are $6 US/$9 WORLD ppd.

BATCH DEAL: all tapes (excluding Plague Mother "A Shroud In Summer") for $20 US/$30 WORLD.

ATTENTION SUMMER SCUM ATTENDEES:  I will have limited copies of each release available, but I encourage you to order in advance. You can subtract $1/tape since I will be hand-delivering. I look forward to seeing everyone. Plague Mother performs at 9:15 PM on Friday.

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